1) Do I need to sign a lengthy contract with Soulistic to purchase a membership?

The answer is a resounding NO!  We offer a monthly subscription platform where you can upgrade or downgrade once your existing subscription has expired.  Only membership subscriptions from level 2 and up do we require a 1 calendar month written notification of cancellation of subscription or downgrade of existing subscription. 


2) Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership level at any time?

We welcome you to downgrade your membership subscription once it has expired after 30 days from date of purchase with 1 calendar month’s notice from level 2 and up.

Should you wish to upgrade your subscription within your first month’s subscription please reach out to our team at hello@soulistic.co.za and we will guide you thru the process.

All subscriptions are purchased for one calendar month from date of purchase.  You can contact our Technical support at hello@soulistic.co.za should you wish to upgrade your existing subscription within your calendar month.


3) How do I submit my business listing and events for inclusion on the website?


4) Are there any restrictions on the types of businesses or events that can be listed?

Yes, we are a Health and Wellness Digital Platform servicing the Wellness Industry on the African Continent.  We do not permit tarot card readers, fortune tellers and people offering clearances or clairvoyant services on our platform.


5) Is there a limit to the number of events I can promote each month?

The parameters are set out per subscription level.  Please read our subscriptions and benefits page found Become a Soulistic Expert – Soulistic


6)Can I cancel my membership at any time, and what is the process for doing so

Kindly email us at hello@soulistic.co.za and we will guide you thru the cancellation process within 24 hours.


7)How do I access the private Soulistic Forum Chat Room?

Once you have registered a profile on Soulistic you can login and access the public chat forum.  Only gold members (seekers) and Expert Subscriptions will be allowed to comment on the chat forum.


8) What kind of support is available for setting up and maintaining my website under Level 2 and Level 3 memberships?

You will get access to our technical support video library to help you with a step by step guide instructing you how to setup your website.  Should you require further technical support please reach out to hello@soulistic.co.za for a written quote with favourable discounted web development rates.


9)Are there any additional fees or costs not mentioned in the membership packages?

There are no hidden costs


10) How does the Paystack Recurring payment system work, and is it secure?

(Nicola please answer)


11) Is there a two step verification process to secure my payments and if so what are they?

(Nicola please answer)


12) What should I do if my banking details have changed due to a newly issued bank card?

Contact support at hello@soulistic.co.za with new proof of banking details to update your existing profile.