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Luciana Popa

/ Energy Healer || Chanting Facilitator


Years of research into soul origin has led me to
discover and answer many why’s.
Understanding the mind and the role of the ego
in the world of duality is to understand that
controlling the same is a choice we are all able
to make.
Understanding emotions and experiencing the
senses is to understand that those are tools of
the physical experience which too are controlled
by the mind.
The soul is the observer that takes on the
enjoyment of what is, because what is, it is only
the now.
Reiki, metaphysics, Logotherapy, animal healing
and communication, channeling, self and space
clearing, crystals and oils, and Kriya yoga – have
been important tools in my journey of self
discovery, self healing, and the healing of fellow
travelers on the earth plane.


Energy Healing


Home & Office Space Clearing


Chanting Facilitator


Animal Healing


Classes by Luciana Popa

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