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At Alchelibrium, Gill, a seasoned medicine woman, pioneers transformative retreats.  She aims to restore harmony and balance in individuals’ lives. Over the last decade, Gill fervently explored the realm of plant medicine.  Specifically emphasizing the Sacred Andean Cactus, Huachuma, as a catalyst for healing and self-realization.

Gill’s journey began five years ago, intimately collaborating with the Sacred Andean Cactus, meticulously preparing its potent essence for ceremonial use by healers. With over a decade of personal experience working ceremonially with Ayahuasca and Huachuma.  These revered plants have evolved into her trusted allies, enabling her to support others in their pursuit of self-discovery and equilibrium.

About Huachuma:

Huachuma, utilized by ancient civilizations for over 4,000 years along the Peruvian coast and Andes, stands as the cornerstone of Gill’s healing practice. It serves as a gentle yet profoundly insightful medium while guiding individuals towards clarity and balance.


The Huachuma Journey:

A Huachuma ceremony leads participants on a 12- to 14-hour immersive experience. The initial effects, presenting visions and dream-like states, emerge after 40 to 90 minutes. Although some might experience mild physical discomfort, the preparatory rituals of cleansing and fasting beforehand enhance the journey’s clarity and receptivity.

This profound experience facilitates valuable lessons, clarity, and breakthroughs. Participants frequently recount encounters with spirit guides, ancestral entities, and heightened emotional connections with all life forms. Described as the “grandfather medicine,” Huachuma imparts wisdom and profound teachings, offering a transformative experience comparable to a blooming flower—expanding one’s subconscious like the night-blooming San Pedro cactus.

Services Offered:

  • Guided Huachuma Retreats
  • Personalized Healing Ceremonies
  • Transformational Workshops

“Everything has consciousness, has energy, has life. We’re energetic beings. Everything is composed of energy. And everything has something to teach us, if we can simply slow down enough and still our minds enough to listen.”
– Don Howard

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.” Rudolph Steiner

“Huachuma is a lifetime lived in a single day.”
- Don Howard

By spotlighting “restoring harmony,” “self-realization,” and “transformative experiences,” Alchelibrium enhances visibility for spiritual seekers in search of balance and healing.




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Classes by Gill Wingham- Alchelibrium ‘Restoring Balance’

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